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About BROC

BROC (Birmingham Repertory Opera Company) is an amateur opera company based in the West Midlands, who specialise in producing new works and original adaptations. Our mission is to perform the works of young composers by young performers, and raise the profile of new operatic works in Birmingham. Our shows for 2024 will be a new composition by Ethan Cruxton, Fleeced!, in May and 'The Students of Penzance', a show full of G&S favourites.


​Alongside having a great time making music, BROC is about inspiring and developing young musicians. We aim to expose our members to a variety of musical opportunities and the society has built up a repertoire of over 200 songs performed in a variety of concerts.

Feel free to send any questions, music-related or otherwise, to: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Being Part of BROC

To become part of BROC, membership costs £40. This gives you access to be a part of two full productions within a financial year, as well as concert performances and any extras. There are also many social events you can take part in such as cast curry, Christmas dinner, and more. We also offer a £20 membership option for those who don't want to commit to productions, but would like to perform in concerts.

We are a very open company, and want to give opportunity to everyone to hone their skills and develop as singers and musicians. BROC also want to offer their members a community, which was really shown during the pandemic with weekly virtual events and even online concerts.

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