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La belle helene

May 2024

Everyone knows the story of Jason and the Argonauts right? Well, join us to see this tale unravel in a new musical comedy. Of course, this is a very serious, historically accurate retelling of this beloved Greek legend, with definitely no silliness or deviations from the plot... if it's in the film it totally counts? 

And if you believe that, you'll believe anything!

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La belle helene
Grand Duke.jpg
The Grand Duke

November 2023

A new updated version of The Grand Duke, with the original songs, silliness and sausage rolls. The coveted job of the Chair of the Summer Fete Committee has long been held by the miserly Rudolph, and the local amateur dramatics society have had enough! In a plot to take him down, things go awry and chaos ensues...


La belle helene
The Robbing Hood

April 2023

In this original work by E.J.O. Cruxton, the Sheriff of Nottingham is doing his very best to serve the poor and forgotten members of society, but he's meeting obstacles at every turn. There's the greedy barons of the Midlands, demanding Prince John, the Princess Marion determined to cause anarchy, an over enthusiastic executioner and let's not forget Pam Reynolds, the leader of the castle staff union. Most of all though, he's got to deal with The Robbing Hood, an arrogant smooth talking gang leader who steals from the rich to give to his gang of mirthless mercenaries!

La belle helene
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The Pirates of Penzance

October 2022

A gender swapped version of a G&S favourite - it was time for the girls to take up their swords! We saw swash buckling fearsome pirates, wimpy public school boys, the Lady Major General, The Pirate Queen, and at the centre of it all, Francesca and Martin falling in love. 

La belle helene

March 2021

An original work by Ethan Cruxton. Struggling composer Peter Woodgate is on a mission to write the next big musical theatre sensation, and in his desperation is plagued by a furry friends who convinces him to keep working at his dream, as long as it involves badgers!

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La Belle Helen

November 2019

In this brand new translation of Offenbach’s satirical re-imagining of the events leading up to the Trojan War, Helene is trapped in a loveless marriage to Menelas, King of Sparta. On meeting Paris, Prince of Troy, she is torn between following her desires and not wanting to be the puppet of the Gods, while all around her, incompetent and idiotic Kings bumble about and the corrupt High Priest will do anything for money. Is Helene’s future already decided by fate, or is she free to follow her heart’s desire?

La belle helene
Yeomen of the Guard

May 2019

A WWII re-imagining of Gilbert & Sullivan's darkest operetta, inspired by 1940s cinema and wartime entertainment. When Colonel Fairfax is wrongly imprisoned in the Tower of London as a Nazi spy, it is up to his old comrade Sergeant Meryll and his daughter Phoebe to stage an elaborate plot to come to his rescue, while avoiding their respective unwanted admirers. Meanwhile, American comic Jack Point and his assistant Elsie Maynard arrive and become entangled in a complex web of love, lies and death...

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June 2018

BROC's biggest challenge yet as they staged their first full opera. Jessica Dalton's unflinching modern take on Bizet's Spanish-set show shifted the action to a 21st century housing estate, where a teenaged Carmen and her friends are abused and exploited by drug dealers, pimps and the very people who should keep them safe- the police. 
This hard-hitting and relevant adaptation highlights the female working class experience and the corruption that pervades state institutions, as well as exploring how circumstance and environment oppresses aspiration and the development of self.

The Gondoliers

October 2017

A concert performance of this Gilbert & Sullivan classic, directed by Jessica Dalton, in which two newly married Venetian Gondoliers must reconcile their love lives and political leanings with the fact that one of them is, in fact, the King of Barataria - but nobody knows which - and that he (whichever it is) is engaged to be married to the beautiful daughter of a Spanish Duke.

Gondoliers Poster BROC.jpg
The Beggars Opera

June 2017

John Gay's Opera with revised text by John Oxenford & Ellie Goodall & Sam Noakes and Music arranged by Christoher Pepusch & J.L Hatton & Sam Noakes.
A group of young people waiting at a bus stop are cajoled by a young poet ("The Beggar") to be in his new opera. Set in 1700s London, the unlikely players use whatever they can get their hands on to perform this story of women and highwaymen, marriage and scheming parents, prison and narrow escapes set to music based on popular folk tunes of the time.

Die Fledermaus

October 2016

A BROC production of Die Fledermaus reimagined in 21st century Britain amongst the mega rich, where lavish parties and limitless expenditure have not bought stability to Eisenstein and Rosalinda’s marriage, or happiness to Orlovsky’s mid-life crisis. A great many disguises, lies and copious amounts of champagne accompany Strauss’ glorious music with the quick and snappy dialogue of the Sadlers Wells production.

Pirates Flyer.png
Pirates in Concert

April 2016

A semi-staged, semi-costumed but fully enjoyable performance of the Gilbert and Sullivan Favourite. A chance for every member of the company to shine!

Coalition Kings

June 2015

A completely original work, composed by Ethan Cruxton with libretto by Ben Powell - In the wake of a rebellion, two Emperors are chosen to govern an ailing Rome, but when one falls in love with a slave girl and the other orders a brutal massacre of the underclass, a rivalry ensues that must end in blood. This ambitious and exciting new production weaves a darkly satirical tale of politics, conspiracy, war, assassination and the many dangers that come with both power and love.'

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Mikado in Concert

April 2015

A semi-staged performance of the Gilbert and
Sullivan favourite with all the fun and songs of the original (and a couple of jokes of our own!)

The Ruddigore Affair

October 2014

A modern take on Gilbert & Sullivan's classic gothic operetta 'Ruddigore', with the cursed Baronets of Ruddigore redefined for a 21st century audience as a dynasty of media moguls.

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C&B Cardinal.jpg
The Cardinal &
Cox and Box

April 2014

An original work set in a Catholic girl's school, written and composed by our composer-in-residence Ethan Cruxton, alongside a jazzy spin on Sullivan and Burnand's classic farce.

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