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The Pirates of Penzance

Auditions - Sunday 10th April 2022


In this new gender swapped version of a G&S classic, there are a group of female pirates led by the Pirate Queen. Under their care is Francesca, who has just turned 21 and is choosing to leave their merry band. She comes across a group of boarding school boys who are watched over by (Lady) Major General Stanley. One of these boys, Martin, catches Francesca’s eye and fun ensues. 


In this version, women will play the now female characters and men will play the now male characters - not men pretending to be women or women pretending to be men.


The Roles:


The Pirate Queen - Swashbuckling Queen, think female Kevin Kline - Mezzo-Soprano

Francesca - Strong female character who falls for Martin - Soprano

Samantha - Second in Command of the Pirate ship = Mezzo-Soprano

Major General - Matron type who looks after the boys - Comic Mezzo

Sergeant of Police - Local bobby - Contralto


Martin - Eton-esque boarding school boy - Tenor

Ethan - Martin’s friend - Lyric baritone

Kyle - Martin’s friend - Baritone

Isaac - Martin’s friend - Spoken

Ron - Francesca’s Nursery aid - very bumbling, you just want to pat him on the head - Bass-baritone


Chorus of Pirates - Sopranos/Altos

Chorus of Boys - Tenors/Basses

Chorus of Police - TBC based on cast


Come and join us in this exciting new production! Contact us for more information.