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Heroes and Villains

Our next concert is at Finmere Church in Oxfordshire and features our favourite hero and villain songs from musicals, films and operetta. 

To book your tickets, contact Rev Alice Goodall at the Finmere Rectory on 01280 848192.

The Robbing Hood

It’s the year 1194 and the hardworking Sheriff of Nottingham, Kenneth, is trying his best to provide for the poor and forgotten members of society. 

He faces challenges from all sides though; the greedy greedy barons of the midlands, an untimely visit from Prince John, an overly keen executioner, the princess Marion causing anarchy, and not least from The Robbing Hood, a fearsome gang leader who is taking from the poor and giving to himself and his gang of mirthless mercenaries. 

This toe-tapping comedy musical features a crowd of familiar characters (sort of, mostly) and will leave you humming all of the songs for weeks and weeks (we’re not sorry!)


The Grand Duke


Or - The Chair of The Summer Fete Committee

BROC take on The Grand Duke in this new, updated version. The coveted job of Chair of the Summer Fete Committee has long been held by the miserly Rudolph, and the villagers of Whinningford St Ignatious have had enough! Led by the local amateur dramatics society, who are also rehearsing for their next production of Grease, they decide to take him down. With plenty of good tunes, fun and sausage rolls, this new take on a lesser known G&S will be one to watch!

Coming November 2023

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